How we teach music:

Our Method uses performance-based teaching and techniques including private music lessons, online music lessons, and group rehearsals.

The Tuning Spirits program aims to guide its students through a step-by-step process that will lead them towards the ultimate goal of performing live in front of an audience.

Ukulele 101

Small Ensemble of Ukulele players learning songs from different cultures as well as chart topping pop tunes! Music theory reviewed and refined with hands on training.

$125.00 per Month

( 4- Group Lessons- 1hr 15min each)

$150.00 per Month w/

( Ukulele Purchase, 4- group lessons)

Bass guitar Lessons

Does your student want to get Amplified with a band but keep it on 4 strings? Bass guitar lessons are for them! Learning Bass gtr teaches your student how to be the backbone and glue in any genre of music. A good Bass player is worth a thousand unsaid thank yous'.

$100.00 per Month

(4- group Lessons- 50 min)

$200.00 per month

( 4- private Lessons, 4- Band rehearsals-1hr )

Basic Keyboard 1 & 2

Keyboard is a visual instrument which makes it easier for most students to start learning fast and easy! Mixing traditional piano warm up exercises with contemporary songs rehearsed 1 on 1 lessons or with a Live band! This will get your student learning faster with confidence.

$100.00 per Month

( 4-group lessons: 50 min )

$200.00 per Month

(4 private lessons, 2 Band rehearsals)

Electric or Acoustic Guitar

The most portable, take anywhere instrument great for practices and performances on the go! Private lessons available on Electric and Acoustic guitar, and your student may like the chance to show off their new skills with a Live band performance. Learn at their own pace developing lasting skills that serves at every stage of progression.

$100.00 per Month

(4 group lessons: 50 min)

$200.00 per Month

(4 private 1hr lessons, 4 Band rehearsals)

Drum Lessons

As parents listening to loud noises comes with the job. Let us allow those noises to be played in time and with other performing musicians for a power performance! Drum lessons for Beginners and Intermediate levels.

$125.00 per Month

(4 private lessons: 50 min)

$200.00 per Month

(4 private lesson, 4 band rehearsals)

Vocal Lessons

Singing is the body's natural instrument! Singing promotes good health and wellness habbits with the electric feelings of singing and rocking out on stage with a live band or acoustic trio! Improve your student's vocal abilities and give them a spot to shine!

$100.00 per Month

(4 group lessons: 50 min)

$200.00 per Month

(4 private lessons, 4 band rehearsals)